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slash is a Centurion-based IT services company who's aim is to provide a professional and personal service, be it for a start-up company that is simply looking for basic IT services to have an internet presense without a high cost barrier, a larger business needing more than just email and a website, or even for a personal website with a few email accounts. slash can offer a solution that is taylored to your specific needs.

Services overview

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We provide website and application development services in a variety of modern languages. Also included with this is the hosting of the website or application, thereby providing a simple, bundled service with long-term support.

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Need hosting? We can host anything from a simple, static website through to a full-scale web application with a choice of web server, backend database and web traffic requirements.

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Our email service is available either bundled with a hosting package, or as a standalone package. It is easily customisable and provides full spam and virus scanning to give you peace of mind. SSL/StartTLS encryption of your mail traffic is available by default adding an extra level of confidence and security.

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With our various supplier partners, we are also able to provision any IT equipment you may need for your business or personal needs.

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At slash, one of our passions has been to find simple solutions to interesting problems. One such example is providing a small, reliable stratum-1 time service that can be easily deployed into any network for time keeping that is accurate down to a few microseconds.

For more information on our services, please see our services page.

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